When one look's at the painted decoration and sculpted figures adorning the objects from this imaginary civilization, they seem to unlock the mystery of a narrative tale. The animals are joyful and innocent.  Smiles on the faces of the beings are pure, but perhaps, a little too knowing. In this world, creatures live in a mystical harmony:  angels exchange secrets with mermaids, geo-centric faced beings mingle with fear figures, and fear figures worry beside playful winged horses and dragons. This is a magical place that may still exist somewhere...

                 G U Y  V E R Y Z E R  M Y T H I C  C E R A M I C                

  L A M P S

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Devil Lamp

Angel Lamp with Black Stripes

Crystal Wizard Lamp #1

Crystal Wizard Lamp #2

Adam Lamp with Helper Dogs

Eve Lamp with Helper Dogs

Mermaid with Wavy Hair Lamp

       Angel Lamp with Winged Codpiece

Angel Lamp

       Mer-Angel with Tail Lamp

             Man and Woman with Perched Dog Lamp

VISION VENTURES in the arts   Exclusive Representative of Guy Veryzer Ceramics

       Mermaid Lamp with Optional Ceramic Base